60s Outfits for Women – How to Dress Like the 1960s and Still Look Stunning

When it comes to fashion, the 60s was a time of transformation since tons of fashion movements sprang up during this era. One thing is definitely remarkable about the 60s outfit; it focused on reviving youthful spirit.

Ready to go 60s with your Halloween costume or outfit? It all begins by familiarizing yourself with the two notable fashion movements of the era in question. These fashion movements were the Hippie Counterculture and the mod movement. The good news is that you can recreate these iconic looks in an easy and fun way!

Idea #1: Select a Mod Dress Style for Women

Wondering what the right selection would be? Simply go for bright colored clothes along with bold geometric patterns. Popular pursuit for bright color apparels became the order of the day in the 60s, which was largely influenced by modern art movements and pop art.

The loud color outfits of the 60s largely countered the neutral, mild color palette that characterized the 50s fashion. To make the bright color outfits completely 60s, you should combine them with sharp, bold geometric patterns. This will work well and at the same time announce you, whether you’re dressing for a 60s themed party or looking for perfect 60’s Halloween costumes.

Typical Example: You can get a bright yellow top and complement it with white and black geometric patterned short skirt.

Idea #2: Go for Brightly Colored Mini Skirt or Shift Dress

Another great 60s dresses idea is to opt for brightly colored mini skirt or shift dress. Women in the sixties largely sought for blocky shirt dresses as well as miniskirts that made minor emphasis on a woman’s figure.

So, recreating this dress pattern will provide you with a perfect 60s look in a stunning manner. That’s not all, you can also highlight the 60s’s women fashion by going for sleeveless cuts, high necklines, and solid bright colors when you make shift dresses. You will definitely and stunningly look 60s in such dresses. As for the mini-skirts of the 60s, they typically featured hemlines that fall above the knee. Also, a lot of the miniskirts of this era featured high waist – credit to Audrey Hepburn – the fashion icon of this era. Take note that the 60s miniskirts were quite boxy and not figure-hugging.

Finally, don’t forget to match your 60s outfits with patterned and colorful tights. The miniskirts also came with popular demand for tights that featured wild patterns.