While everyone else is looking like their favorite music icons and movie stars for Halloween, you can rock this unusual medieval look. It is not the typical fun costume. If you want to get the ghost look, you have to take note of the following steps:

  1. Dye your hair black, or bleach it platinum blonde or flaming red. These are ghost mystical hair colors. Grow your hair as long as you can and only trim when the ends start getting split. Braid every night to avoid tangling. Don’t let it shine much. If you have a dark skin, keeping your hair black and putting it in ringlets will do.
  2. Using a plastic makeup sponge over your face, spread foundation two shades lighter than your skin tone. If you have dark skin, don’t make it too light just so it doesn’t get tacky. Then spread moisturizer over your face to smooth out the makeup. Apply a foundation (one shade darker than the one you’re wearing) under your cheekbones.
  3. Draw a thick line (using a wide, black eye pencil) at your lashline on your eyelids and under your eyes. Spread black eye shadow over your lids and slightly over your crease.
  4. Apply a totally contrasting lipstick (dark red, black, white) to your makeup. Your lips have to stand out. Wear black or red contact lens if you wish. You can also go with light blue, bright blue, grey or pale pink.
  5. It’s time to paint your nails for your Halloween ghost look. Choose from any of grey, white, light pink or black.
  6. If your tights and hose are plain or lace, tear them up! Unless they are spider web, spider or skeleton style.
  7. Sew patches on your t-shirt. Preferably, wear old clothing –worn out, decades, damaged clothing.
  8. Wear skirts or dresses with obvious stitching up the side. Wear clothes that will literally look like underwear in another decade. Some of them include bloomers, petticoats, slips, and corsets. Your socks and hoodies should have bones on them.
  9. Wear jewellery meant for a ghost costume. Some of them include lockets, wilted roses and barbed wire hearts. Onyx, jet, fake gold and amethysts are good too.
  10. Finally get yourself in ghost mood by listening to some classical music, gothic metal or neoclassical metal. Just put on any type of music with a strong classical music influence.