Top Nokia Phones of the Moment

Nokia Phones

The mobile phone industry continues to grow with the majority of us now in possession of a handset. Though certain brands have ebbed and flowed in their popularity, Nokia has managed to progress with changes in the industry to maintain a position of respectability, loyalty, and profitability. Moving from their own Symbian operating system to incorporating Microsoft’s Windows into their top-end handsets has allowed Nokia to truly compete with the best-loved smartphones on the market. Furthermore, retaining Symbian in phones at the other end of the price range provides customers with affordability and accessibility.

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With the range of handsets on offer widening in breadth and variety, consumers should be aware of the best of the best when it comes to Nokia phones. Being in possession of this knowledge can guide customers in choosing the best handset for them and even more. With second-hand sales of mobile phones online increasing in popularity, market knowledge can also show customers which phone will provide them with the best future investment.

Snap happy

Many customers will base their mobile phone purchases on the little extras that handsets often feature. Both the Nokia 808 PureView and the Nokia N9 3G offer top-quality cameras in-built to ensure that taking, storing, and editing images is made incredibly easy and completely user-friendly. The latter is an aesthetically pleasing handset with an autofocus camera resulting in crisp and clear images. The former boasts a massive 41 megapixels of photo-taking power which leaves many of the more famous smartphone competitors more than trailing in its wake. These two options will more than meet the needs of both the casual snapper and the dedicated photographer.

Smart options

The follow-up to the Nokia Lumia 800, the Lumia 900 handset furthered the company’s venture into smartphone territory. It works more quickly and efficiently than its predecessor and includes super-fast data transfer times. One step further and utilizing Windows Phone 8 technology is the Lumia 920. Award-laden and inventive to the extreme, this handset offers users more apps, more storage, and, well, more of everything really. With these two phones as popular as they are, now would be a great time to sell an outdated Nokia Lumia 800 handset online and perhaps use the profits for the newer incarnations of this much-loved and admired phone.

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Back to basics

If the predominant requirement of a mobile phone is the sending and receiving of text messages, then the Nokia X2-01 is a perfect choice. Built with a screen designed for messaging, it is also affordable in an increasingly pricey market. The Nokia C3-00 is another easy-to-navigate handset. With a qwerty keyboard, clear buttons, and easy directions in addition to the possibility of a Wi-Fi connection, this phone provides everything for the user in one simple package. Learn more about the best smartphone manufacturers, on this website: