How Has The OLX TV Campaign In India Benefited The Consumers?


Since the first set of TV commercials was aired in 2011, OLX has grown to become one of the most popular web portals for trade in India. Users can post products, services, and even class ads on the site in order to help prospective buyers find good deals. The site has been around since 2006, and it is now the ideal online marketplace for buyers and consumers to interact.

The greatest thing about OLXINDIA is the simplicity that the site offers. Although it is large, the site has a simple interface that allows buyers to find whatever they are searching for with ease. Upon visiting the site, one can choose to search for products through the search options provided. On the page, there are product categories like mobile phones, electronics & technology, vehicles, real estate, jobs, and much more. To narrow down search results, users can search directly using the search box.

Just next to the search tools, there is an orange button with the caption ‘post free add’. By clicking this option, you can post a free advertisement about your products or service that you want people to buy. The most endearing aspect of OLX however is the fact that it allows people to buy and sell products and services locally. In fact, this is indeed the best way to get the best bargains near your geographical area because there are numerous ads posted through the site on a daily basis.

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Selling Merchandise on OLX

The great thing about selling items on OLX is that it is very simple. Make sure to follow us on YouTube to see how easy it is to sell products on OLX. If you decide to use this site to sell stuff, there is the option of either selling merchandise anonymously or as a registered user. In order to edit ads after you have posted them, you have to sign up on the site.

After creating an account, just click on MY OLX or ‘sign in’ links at the top right corner of the site, enter your login details, and proceed to post an ad. It couldn’t be easier to post an ad on OLX. Once you have clicked the ‘post free add button, enter a short description of your product and your contact details, select its category, upload an attractive image of the product, price it, and post for free.

Buying Stuff on OLX

OLX makes it easy for buyers and sellers alike to trade. To buy items on the site, you can search directly using the search box, or browse for products by category. Before searching, select your city so that you can find sellers near your local area.

Once the results are in, simply check for desired products that are within your price range. The search results provide the option of browsing through items using the list or gallery view. If the product or service is what you are looking for, simply use the phone number provided in the ad to contact the seller.

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As more and more people in India continue to discover OLX through TV ad campaigns, buying and selling things online is becoming easier.

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