How to Use Coupons to Benefit Your Business?


It is a known fact that customers are passionate about sales, discounts, and coupons. As everybody wants to save money when purchasing something, promo codes can come in handy. But if you own a business that offers discounts, how does this benefit you? Some people would say that if you offer discounts, your number of customers will increase. Is this really true? Or it is just a temporary phenomenon during the sale period?

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Here is what you can do if you want promotional vouchers to really benefit your business.

Distribute Vouchers through Partners

If you have a business and want to offer discounts to your customers, do not offer directly to your potential clients. Give it to your business partners and encourage them to distribute it for you. By offering your business partners commissions on sales, you motivate them to promote your discounts.

Use Facebook to Reward Your Most Loyal Fans

As you probably know there are apps that can determine how loyal you are to a Facebook page by counting the number of visits, likes, shares, and comments. You can use one of these apps to help you choose which of your fans should be rewarded with discount codes. Knowing that being passionate fans will get them discounts, might motivate your potential customers to visit your page more often.

Track and Measure ROI and Revenue Sources

Discount vouchers are a great way to track your advertising ROI and which sales channels are performing the best for you. For campaigns, use a different code for each outlet and see how many sales they generated. Also, you can give your marketing partners promotional discounts to distribute to see which channels bring you the most sales.

Use Voucher Discounts in Crowded Markets

Unfortunately, there are more and more retailers present in the market that sell the same thing. This being a real fact, there is a need to step forward with something different. If you use discount codes for your items, it will help convince customers to choose you instead of all the other retailers who sell similar things.

Give Promotional Vouchers to those who Ask for them

Instead of just printing a voucher and having it mailed to as many people as possible, run a campaign to convince them to sign in on your website page and ask for it. This way, you get their contact information, and you can send them emails with the sales you have. It is a great way to convince them to look for you, instead of you looking for them.

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Let Your Employees Decide

If your business is in retail, most probably your employees know your clients best. Give them the opportunity to reward your best clients with discounts they did not expect. For example, tell your employees that they can offer up to 50% off for certain items only to some customers of their choice. Your staff will know which customers to reward in order to bring benefit to your business.

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