New Company Formation – Is Your Company Secretary Qualified?

New Company Formation

In many cases, your company will need a company secretary to officially register as an LLC of some sort. There are slightly different regulations for who can be classified as a company secretary, depending on what kind of limited company you end up registering as. If you plan to run a company properly, you need to make sure that your secretary is actually qualified to operate under this title. Listed below are some of the common qualifications that a person like this will have to meet to be completely considered a company secretary. Use this to analyze if yours is qualified for your new company formation.

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One of the easiest ways to verify your company secretary’s qualifications is to see if he or she is a member of a certain professional organization. Any of the following would be considered sufficient enough for qualification: the CIPA, the ACCA, the CIMA, the ICSA, the ICAI, the ICAEW, and the ICAS. If your company secretary has a membership with one or more of those organizations, he or she will be able to work in your new company formation. Otherwise, you may need to look into other qualifications.

If your potential secretary is a legal resident of the UK with appropriate qualifications from the country, he or she should be able to be a part of your new company formation. This person could have also had a company secretary position as of December 1980, or have worked as a deputy company secretary for the same amount of time. Furthermore, the person may have worked for the same non-private company for three of the last five years. Any of those qualifications would be enough to set up a public limited company or another entity of similar origin.

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In the end, a company secretary can work in your new company formation if the company members have confidence in his or her experience and overall qualifications in this position. If you are unsure as to whether your potential member could work as your company secretary, you can always contact a company formation agency and make sure you have everything you need. If your company and its members abide by all of the qualifications for the limited company you would like to register, you can go about getting a package for your company that will help you get on your way to the future. Check out your options today.

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